Our Approach
The DNA Way

Your Trusted Partner

We back and support great management teams to realize the full business potential of their organizations. We invest $10-$25 million in each partnered business and then collaboratively develop a detailed roadmap for value creation.

Investment Criteria

Company and Investment Size

  • Looking for companies with $2+ million EBITDA
  • We will invest $10-25 million per company
  • We are very flexible in how we structure our investment into your company
  • We can be a minority or majority shareholder

Company Characteristics

  • History of profitable growth
  • Strong, sustainable competitive position
  • Management team in place
  • Clear growth prospects
  • Will also consider companies who faced temporary challenges with a clear turnaround plan

Transaction Characteristics

  • Ownership transitions
  • Recapitalizations
  • Management buy-outs
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Growth capital


  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Technology
  • B2B
  • We will not consider real estate, start-ups or greenfield projects

Companies choose us as a partner because of the operational and strategic support which we bring to the partnership.

The DNA Playbook

To facilitate this journey, we've developed our proprietary DNA Business Assessment Framework and DNA Playbook, streamlining and guiding the process for your benefit.

We strive to act as a catalyst to drive transformational growth through strategic investments in people, capabilities and foundational infrastructure. The DNA value creation playbook typically includes some combination of the following key levers:

Having the right people in the right seat

Everything starts with the team. To realize your Full Business Potential you need to have the right team in place. We seek to partner with teams that have the innate talent and desire to take the company to the next level. With this core leadership in place, we typically augment the team with incremental talent to bring additional depth and functional expertise. We understand the importance of talent and know the right HR tools to help you. From hiring to tracking performance management, or team engagement, we know what systems to put in place.

Investing in Processes, Systems and Technology

We are process and systems driven. Strong financial and operational systems give leadership the ability to measure and manage the businesses effectively and enable faster scaling. We embrace the concepts of value mapping and the use of OKRs and KPIs via sophisticated business intelligence tools to manage the business. We like to use technology intelligently, automating and simplifying processes where possible.

Focus on Organic Growth

Our objective is to act as a catalyst to accelerate growth by investing in new capabilities (performance marketing for client acquisition, enhanced sales force, R&D, customer support and business intelligence), new products and services or by entering or expanding in new markets or geographies.

Strategic Acquisitions

We have found that strategic acquisitions can be an effective way to add new capabilities and/or expand into new markets. Careful target selection is key to ensure the right cultural, product and values fit. A comprehensive integration plan is also essential to realize the full potential of any acquisition. A roll up play in a highly fragmented market can be a great opportunity.