Bespoke financial solutions
is in our DNA

Tailored Financial Products

At DNA Private Wealth we develop and put in place bespoke financial products for high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.


Our Current Investment Vehicles

DNA Capital launched four DNA Infrastructure Limited Partnerships totaling $42.4 M since 2017 with 67 HNW investors in the form of closed- ended funds. The DNA Infrastructure funds are unique investment vehicles that group together accredited investors to invest in the Axium Infrastructure funds accessible with a minimum investment of $250K.

In 2015, DNA Capital launched Placements DNA I S.E.C., its first closed-ended investment fund with 19 HNW investors for 11M$ to invest in the Alt Hotels. In 2019, Placements DNA I S.E.C. participated in an additional round of financing resulting in a total investment commitment of 14M$ in the Alt Hotels.

To learn more about our Wealth Management solutions and discuss how we can help you, please contact:

Daniel Labrecque
Chairman and CEO